Beef Jerky Horoscope: Hot & Spicy

Beef Jerky Horoscope: Hot & Spicy

Hello Friends,

We all want to make the best decisions possible. But in this world of unlimited information, how do we know what advice to follow? Fortunately there's at least one infallible source we can still use as a guidepost: The Beef Jerky Horoscope.

For the Hot & Spicy Lover

There's a fire in your belly, there's no doubt about it. People are always telling you to take it easy. To relax. To stop pushing so hard. "It's bad for your health," they say. This is nonsense. That burning flame in your belly is the one thing setting you apart from the rest of the maddening crowd. Nurture it with plenty of dry fuel. As it sears in your gut, remember all those people who told you to slow down and make sure you wave as you pass them by on this life's journey.

You definitely should be drinking more water, though. 

All My Best,

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