Beef Jerky Horoscope: Old Fashioned

Hello Friends,

As our world grows more confused with each passing day, it's important to find the elemental, unchanging truths that will help guide you through your unique human journey. Some opt for faith, others follow the stars, I choose beef jerky. Here's today's beef jerky horoscope: horoscope image old fashioned beef jerky

For the Old Fashioned Lover

You're a real classic. You love old cars, jazz era music, classic films and haven't found a technology yet that matches a good ole' paper & pen. There's a downside to all this, of course. Too often you feel out of place in modern society and wonder if you were born during the wrong era. This week, put those negative thoughts out to the proverbial pasture and start embracing the beauty of this age. Brighten your best friend's day by texting them a beautiful digital picture, read a Frost poem on your phone, or sign up for a Beef Jerky Subscription on Always remember: being called 'old fashioned' isn't an insult. It just means you appreciate the finer things in life, no matter where you find them.