Beef Jerky Horoscope: Teriyaki

Beef Jerky Horoscope: Teriyaki

Hello Friends,

Those of you who rely on an astrological sign to provide a bit of order to this crazy world might have felt a touch of panic upon hearing that your sign probably changed. To those lost people, may I humbly suggest a better way. Allow your love of delicious beef jerky to guide you. Here is today's Beef Jerky Horoscope: 

For the Teriyaki Lover

You're a brave one, Teriyaki. There's no doubt about that. Fueled by new experiences, new loves, and new surroundings some of your squarer friends wonder if you'll ever settle down. Forget those negative nellies and remember what the bard Will S. once said, "To thine own self be true." As you glide through your week, allow your palette to guide you towards the sweeter things. You know, babies, puppies, love notes to special someones, and big yellow bags of Old Trapper Beef Jerky. Feed your soul and your stomach is sure to follow.

All My Best,

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