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Beef Jerky

The 5 Most Beef Jerky Things the Trapper's Ever Said

Beef Jerky on His Mind There's no question The Trapper loves his jerky, and who can blame him? As proof, here are the 5 most Beef Jerky things the Trapper's ever said. No. 5: The Time he Pondered t...
Free Agent Report: TO Trapper

Free Agent Report: TO Trapper

Player: Trapper, TO.    Position: All of them     Current Address: The Wilderness D.O.B.: Unknown     Age: Old     Height: 6'2''      Weight: A lean 205 Bats: Switch    Throws:  Switch     School: ...
Beef Jerky

#TrapperBeefs No. 42: Selfies

Old Trapper Beefs #42: Selfies The Old Trapper doesn't understand this selfie business. But that shouldn't be surprising. He saw his first camera yesterday. Still, he managed to start a hashtag. H...
Advice for Graduates

Graduation Advice from The Old Trapper

Wisdom? I have a bit As the calendar turns from May to June I am inevitably asked my opinion as to the state of today's youths as they graduate from this country's high schools and institutes of h...

Basketball is My Game

Hello Friends, You might not tell by lookin', but I've been playin' basketball for a dog's age. It's a little known fact that it was I who nailed the fateful peach basket up in the rafters of that ...
Beef Jerky

Bright Lights, Beef Jerky, The Oscars

Hello Friend, Bein' that my lifestyle precludes the regular consumption of movin' pictures, I don't rightly follow the machinations of "The Academy." In my mind, the Best Picture is any photo that ...

Conflict Resolution with the Old Trapper

Hello Friends, Now I'm not one normally prone to violence. My motto has always been, 'Live, Let Live, and Eat Jerky." It's right catchy, I know. Many a t-shirt entrepreneur has sought permission to...
friday the 13th

Silly Superstitions

Who Needs Luck? I've always believed a man makes his own luck in this world, and as such, silly things like superstitions are nothing more that stories people tell in the dark. And this isn't idle ...
Beef Jerky

Valentine's Day, Kisses, and Beef Jerky

Nothing Personal But, you know, sometimes you're just not into it... Forever into beef jerky, tho. All my best,