Trapper's Log

#TrapperBeefs No. 25: Nasty Beards (Alternate Ending)

Old Trapper Beefs #25: Nasty Beards (Alternate Ending) Here’s the Old Trapper’s friendly reminder that just because you can grow a beard, doesn’t mean you should. Please plan accordingly.

Black Friday Weekend Means Black Friday Deals

Hello Friends, Today is Thanksgiving, a day where Americans gather together and, well, give thanks. I've always been a supporter of this particular holiday, as I've always been one to advocate for ...

#TrapperBeefs: Loud Snacks

Old Trapper Beefs: Loud Snacks If you're tagging along with the Old Trapper, you'd better be snacking right. Leave the crunch behind and pick delicious beef jerky instead.

#TrapperBeefs: Extreme Drinks

Old Trapper Beefs: Extreme Drinks Avoid the crash and stay energized longer with lots of lean protein.

3 Beard Styles for the Sophisticated Trapper

Hello Friends, As Movember marches on, and beards and mustaches grow out across this great country, I consider it my sacred duty as a professional beard wearer to impart a bit of what I know regard...

#TrapperBeefs No. 25: Nasty Beards

Old Trapper Beefs #25: Nasty Beards Not all beards are created equal, but during #movember, the Old Trapper promises to look the other way. After all, it's for a good cause.

Start Moving: A Movember Must

Hello Friends, For the entire month of November, I'm donatin' a portion of my online sales to the Movember Foundation, an organization dedicated to improvin' men's health. One of the foundation's c...

Movember Fun for The Old Trapper

Hello Friends, What's Movember you ask? Well, it's that time every November when men around the world grow out their mustaches and beards in hopes of raisin' awareness for men's health issues. Now ...

This Weekend... Free Hat with Purchase!

Hello Friends, Though on most occasions I tend to favor my buckskins, I've still managed to develop a reputation as a fashion icon whose unique style has inspired a generation. I take this responsi...